There is a crying voice over there;

It’s the cry of a baby, Abandoned  by a young lady.

Oh! Poor little damsel, needs to be cuddled, and seeks for attention.!

Weep not, child!

I’m here to take off the tensions.

Worry not and fear not!

For I am with you all through the end…

Author: Peaceful_Matty

#Prophetic_Voice #Linguist. #God's_Own #Writer.

2 thoughts on “POEM: THE SAVIOUR.”

  1. Cracks
    Close door! Close door!!
    Flap the curtains in,
    Why is the door close
    Let out the cracks
    And be the voice

    I appreciate your views dear, just needed to share my view with a poem.. More grace dearie

    Liked by 1 person

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