A friend with a charming smile

That takes away every burden from within.

Just wait for a while,

And stand before her,

Oh! My, Oh! My, it’s something else.

Whenever she makes an announcement,

It sounds like a trumphet,

That keeps everyone at alert,

No matter how deep you sleep,

You can’t deepen out a slip.

What a friend I have in Symb

A friendship that drives every bee.

She can’t let you be,

Until you partially agree to what she says.

A day with her, is turned to days and years.

A friend like no other.

She doesn’t care about orders,

But believes in a God of wonders,

Who is not a God of confusion,

But the author and finisher of her faith.

Author: Peaceful_Matty

#Prophetic_Voice #Linguist. #God's_Own #Writer.

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