The four letter word FEAR, looks simple and sounds simple but, it’s meaning are deep. Also, it’s experiences are scary to the extent of wishing you never came across the world with that word. What a noiseless personality, with duplicated spirits as back ups- I mean back ups like: the fear of the unknown, fear of been intimidated, fear of not believing in yourself, fear of the world, Fear of peer pressure, fear of walking alone, Fear of being free, succeeding, talking to people, etc.

I’ve heard several experiences of this small but mighty word, trust me, it wasn’t funny. FEAR, is not an inborn or inbuilt stuff. It grows gradually, and are in stages. One is born with the heart boldness, to dominate and be exceedingly great. But when FEAR hears about your coming, it paves it’s own way.

FEAR kills, it hears the heartbeat of a person, when he or she has been induced into it. FEAR, rejoices especially when it sees one of it’s agents developing a seed of itself into you. Briefly, I’m gonna share a true life story of a friend.

Bella, who has been a long time friend, fell into it’s trap while in school. She’s a kind, and generous lady, but gets devastated due to what she feels around her. Her peer pressure, made her hate herself because they felt she wasn’t beautiful and intelligent. Bella’s appearance, was always the theme of discussion, and her teeth was a laughing stock. She usually run errands for her classmates, especially fetching of water. And Bella saw it as a “no big deal”, in order to save her head from everlasting insults.

This got me crazy and angry with her, ’cause she had stooped herself so low. I drew her attention to this, we both reasoned together, and she finally realized her deeds, and promised never to be engaged into that.

Finally, Bella encouraged herself, faced “her FEARS” by not been intimidated, but standing strong.

Author: Peaceful_Matty

#Prophetic_Voice #Linguist. #God's_Own #Writer.

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