I’ve always wanted to type this for some time now, but… Pls Ignore that.

Alright! Everyone has plans for the future like: life before school, during school and after school.

And when it feels like things are going well but still not too alright because all your list for the future must be accomplished!. Suddenly, it feels like you ain’t doing anything ’bout it ’cause academics and other things need to be more focused on.

But yet people see you as one who’s not serious minded in being an entrepreneur, etc

You know, there’s a feeling that pops up when you see others so into their business and it’s like: ” Hey! Lady or hey guy! I do this and that, etc what ’bout you?

At this moment, plans and real demn ideas are been let out of the bag for it’s clarity to them and all of that…

Later, y’all decide to take a walk around the city and settle down in public to chat, rest, have a drink,etc

During the hangout, each person displays her office cards, goods, or his barbing skills to the public and you’re left all alone to answer some questions on the faces of those who came around. And the answer you’ve got is just a warm smile from the soul…

Finally, the weather began to change it’s colour, the sky becoming pregnant to deliver a heavy rainfall and boom! Every one was in a hurry to fly home…

But an announcement was made!!!

Hey! Guys… Hey! (Names were mentioned except yours) And he screamed for the last time: Hey! CEO’s… Can we take some snap shots to always remember?

Being left alone , with those sharp Words can cut anyone who’s not strong to the feet…

Author: Peaceful_Matty

#Prophetic_Voice #Linguist. #God's_Own #Writer.

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