My Crush!!!

We hadn’t seen for once!

But social media and calls made it look like we’ve seen one on one at least thrice!

But I had you in mind as a good friend at a glance.

I was at a wedding party, when you talked with an aunty.

I never knew it was you’cause you looked brown new.

The party went on dope, not knowing that the music made it glow.

I felt you were just close by like the moon and I pretended I was saying a bye soon.

I sat amongst my friends on a round table,

Not knowing that seeing me from a short distance was suitable.

Hmmn. I took a deep breath and never wanted to look back ’cause my back bag pack, got me covered.

I decided my seating position was gonna be like that till the end of it

Not until we were served something to eat.

Funny enough, I looked back to get my share, and discovered you almost looked at me and the meat.

Few minutes later, a friend called me out to ask a question.

Hmm,how was I gonna stand up from my seat when the MC made all ears to be at attention?

How was I gonna stand when no one is standing? Then all eyes would be on me. And the one I tried avoiding would know where I was, and will be seating.

Although, the going out was easy but the coming in was something else.

I bowed my head down as I walked to my seat to avoid settling for less.

Trust me, it wasn’t easy…🤦

Finally, the party came to an end

And I thought of typing a message to send

I lost the inspiration of typing…

We all stood and went our separate ways.

I saw a friend of mine standing alone and decided to extend some greetings by the way.

I never knew the person I tried avoiding a while ago had gone to stand with him.

There was no method I could use to withdraw my steps back.

I began thinking of words and rehearsing some sentences- lol, funny.

We finally looked at each other face to face

And ended the long term pretence of short race.

Me: Hey! Frank. What’s up.

Frank: Hello dear! C’mon! What are you waiting for? Give me a hug.

Me: Smiling and looking around because I was shy! 🙈

My heart wanted to hug but the shyness in me, gave out a hand shake. I didn’t know how it happened. Lol.

Trust me, it wasn’t fake!

I went back home, chatted him up with apologies of what occurred at the party.

He understood perfectly well.

Before the party, and maybe after, I had a crush on him.

Author: Peaceful_Matty

#Prophetic_Voice #Linguist. #God's_Own #Writer.

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