Sometimes, we tend to fix ourselves in what isn’t important and end up blaming others for pushing us into it.

Vying isn’t all about life. The fact that an individual has it doesn’t mean we should push our eyes forward to have that same thing or rather far more than hers or his. For how long will you be involved?

One is economically bouyant enough to have a 3 square meal at an expensive restaurant and decided to make his or her fans know about it and all of a sudden, you see it and immediately have a change of plan to visit there just to show off.

Have you forgotten all fingers are not equal?

Or one has a wedding party and you dress more than the owner of the occasion (the bride or the groom). Or because your heart was broken in a particular or several relationship(s) and you briefly fix up a wedding date with someone so as to cover up and make it look like noth’n happened.

Or because one has the latest vehicle in town and you’re almost fainting cause you have none yet but glued to a guy who doesn’t love you from his heart ’cause:

You turned him to your ATM, Forced him to buy this and that cause the other lady has it too and you want yours to make the news than hers.

Or one has been promoted double while you’re still in a spot.

Check it…

All these and more leads to envy and the likes.

Love yourself for whom you are, what you are, where you are, where you’ll be…

Contentment is the KEY!



When you have an emotion between poverty and unemployment, what you get is not reasonable. Agriculture is the only way we can capitalize on.

What we as a people should do and produce, we tend to look over it. You can build from something, we can’t build from nothing.


Folklores in our time are Facebook, Twitter,etc.

Politics is a game of power.

It’s about the players and not the game.

It’s a tool that can develop a Nation or destroy one.


We are taught to think that way.

It helps to not hold Government accountable.

Your candidates are decided for you.

You choose your country to be where it is because you don’t to be part of it.

Nigeria’s greatest strength is it’s people and not politics.









The drums overwhelm the guns…

Caught in the clash of counter claims and charges.

When not in the niche…”


We must question the status quo we have been born into;

No this and that, Expensive this and that, etc.


People don’t pay attention to small talk.

In business, small talk is important..


Be purposeful in every conversation.i.e in your thinking.

Know your target agent

The way you act and stand or been approachable.

Don’t ask questions of yes or no but how and why. Ask an open ended question.

Make them listen when you talk.

Time your talk. Always relate your talk to what you’re doing.

We are:


Geniune and



My Crush!!!

We hadn’t seen for once!

But social media and calls made it look like we’ve seen one on one at least thrice!

But I had you in mind as a good friend at a glance.

I was at a wedding party, when you talked with an aunty.

I never knew it was you’cause you looked brown new.

The party went on dope, not knowing that the music made it glow.

I felt you were just close by like the moon and I pretended I was saying a bye soon.

I sat amongst my friends on a round table,

Not knowing that seeing me from a short distance was suitable.

Hmmn. I took a deep breath and never wanted to look back ’cause my back bag pack, got me covered.

I decided my seating position was gonna be like that till the end of it

Not until we were served something to eat.

Funny enough, I looked back to get my share, and discovered you almost looked at me and the meat.

Few minutes later, a friend called me out to ask a question.

Hmm,how was I gonna stand up from my seat when the MC made all ears to be at attention?

How was I gonna stand when no one is standing? Then all eyes would be on me. And the one I tried avoiding would know where I was, and will be seating.

Although, the going out was easy but the coming in was something else.

I bowed my head down as I walked to my seat to avoid settling for less.

Trust me, it wasn’t easy…šŸ¤¦

Finally, the party came to an end

And I thought of typing a message to send

I lost the inspiration of typing…

We all stood and went our separate ways.

I saw a friend of mine standing alone and decided to extend some greetings by the way.

I never knew the person I tried avoiding a while ago had gone to stand with him.

There was no method I could use to withdraw my steps back.

I began thinking of words and rehearsing some sentences- lol, funny.

We finally looked at each other face to face

And ended the long term pretence of short race.

Me: Hey! Frank. What’s up.

Frank: Hello dear! C’mon! What are you waiting for? Give me a hug.

Me: Smiling and looking around because I was shy! šŸ™ˆ

My heart wanted to hug but the shyness in me, gave out a hand shake. I didn’t know how it happened. Lol.

Trust me, it wasn’t fake!

I went back home, chatted him up with apologies of what occurred at the party.

He understood perfectly well.

Before the party, and maybe after, I had a crush on him.


I’ve always wanted to type this for some time now, but… Pls Ignore that.

Alright! Everyone has plans for the future like: life before school, during school and after school.

And when it feels like things are going well but still not too alright because all your list for the future must be accomplished!. Suddenly, it feels like you ain’t doing anything ’bout it ’cause academics and other things need to be more focused on.

But yet people see you as one who’s not serious minded in being an entrepreneur, etc

You know, there’s a feeling that pops up when you see others so into their business and it’s like: ” Hey! Lady or hey guy! I do this and that, etc what ’bout you?

At this moment, plans and real demn ideas are been let out of the bag for it’s clarity to them and all of that…

Later, y’all decide to take a walk around the city and settle down in public to chat, rest, have a drink,etc

During the hangout, each person displays her office cards, goods, or his barbing skills to the public and you’re left all alone to answer some questions on the faces of those who came around. And the answer you’ve got is just a warm smile from the soul…

Finally, the weather began to change it’s colour, the sky becoming pregnant to deliver a heavy rainfall and boom! Every one was in a hurry to fly home…

But an announcement was made!!!

Hey! Guys… Hey! (Names were mentioned except yours) And he screamed for the last time: Hey! CEO’s… Can we take some snap shots to always remember?

Being left alone , with those sharp Words can cut anyone who’s not strong to the feet…


The four letter word FEAR, looks simple and sounds simple but, it’s meaning are deep. Also, it’s experiences are scary to the extent of wishing you never came across the world with that word. What a noiseless personality, with duplicated spirits as back ups- I mean back ups like: the fear of the unknown, fear of been intimidated, fear of not believing in yourself, fear of the world, Fear of peer pressure, fear of walking alone, Fear of being free, succeeding, talking to people, etc.

I’ve heard several experiences of this small but mighty word, trust me, it wasn’t funny. FEAR, is not an inborn or inbuilt stuff. It grows gradually, and are in stages. One is born with the heart boldness, to dominate and be exceedingly great. But when FEAR hears about your coming, it paves it’s own way.

FEAR kills, it hears the heartbeat of a person, when he or she has been induced into it. FEAR, rejoices especially when it sees one of it’s agents developing a seed of itself into you. Briefly, I’m gonna share a true life story of a friend.

Bella, who has been a long time friend, fell into it’s trap while in school. She’s a kind, and generous lady, but gets devastated due to what she feels around her. Her peer pressure, made her hate herself because they felt she wasn’t beautiful and intelligent. Bella’s appearance, was always the theme of discussion, and her teeth was a laughing stock. She usually run errands for her classmates, especially fetching of water. And Bella saw it as a “no big deal”, in order to save her head from everlasting insults.

This got me crazy and angry with her, ’cause she had stooped herself so low. I drew her attention to this, we both reasoned together, and she finally realized her deeds, and promised never to be engaged into that.

Finally, Bella encouraged herself, faced “her FEARS” by not been intimidated, but standing strong.


A friend with a charming smile

That takes away every burden from within.

Just wait for a while,

And stand before her,

Oh! My, Oh! My, it’s something else.

Whenever she makes an announcement,

It sounds like a trumphet,

That keeps everyone at alert,

No matter how deep you sleep,

You can’t deepen out a slip.

What a friend I have in Symb

A friendship that drives every bee.

She can’t let you be,

Until you partially agree to what she says.

A day with her, is turned to days and years.

A friend like no other.

She doesn’t care about orders,

But believes in a God of wonders,

Who is not a God of confusion,

But the author and finisher of her faith.


Welcome to the place where things are weird

Because your expectations cannot be weighed.

People dying for no reason at all

The good people are no more

The bad ones could still give out some more

Even in a world of true and untrue struggle,

Human beings are been strangled.

What more can I say?

Everyone moves helter shelter everday

You leaving your house is a mystery

Even the household mouse are scared

Because they’ve not been healed of their scars

Think about those in the prisons,

For the crime they never committed.

No one can predict the species of neighbours, we have around.

Greetings here and there, followed by responses from genuine and insincere hearts.

Meetings everywhere,

Including the secret devilish ones.

Oh! I hope and pray to have a better world.




I am a child!

I believe someday, I’ll make it.


The invisible will be made visible!


The white society will learnĀ  andĀ  learn more about the African life and cultural values!


The young shall grow!


All things will be bright,

And beautifullyĀ  right.


All things will be white,

WonderfulĀ  and colourful at night.


Power will change hands.


The secrets will be exposed,

And definitely be revealed.


Voices will fade away.


You will haveĀ  a place not far away to call a home!


The boastful hearts,šŸ’• The lustful sights will all be exposed without a delight.


The proud will be resisted, and the humble shall be exalted!


The weaker vessels will be strong!


All the titles, fames, fashion, education, clothes, Jewelries, will all fade away!


Death will knock on doors.


Death will have no respect for humans.


Eyes shall be closed in death and on graves.


The I.Q, great ideas, knowledge, brave minds e.t.c will be graven.


The King shall come!


Your works on earth will be judged!


You will be responsible for your dedications, actions, and decisions.


Your fate will determine a well spent life!